6 things you missed if you weren’t at Future:Now London 2017

1. The last appearance of Matthew Robinson’s Craig Charles opening gag.
Matt vs Craig.jpg   Craig-Charles-lookalike.jpg

I can’t deny the resemblance. But seriously Matt, if you’re reading this, no more Craig Charles gags.

2. Bhavik Patel’s record-breaking number of swear words during a presentation.

I lost count at the 50 mark, but Bhavik didn’t mince his words when it came to giving his insights:
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‘’Attribution is like thanking your first girlfriend for your current wife.”
- Bhavik Patel, Head of Analytics, Moo.com
(one of my favourite quotes of the event)

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Bhavik encouraged teams to compare their websites to a map of the world: find the hotspots and how they cause tremors. Assess the magnitude of opportunity against the intensity of impact.

In the search for high value tests, it’s often the little changes that equate to the biggest impact. Prioritise based on insight, not gut.

3. Duncan Keene reminiscing about his rebellious years.


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"It's time to rebel against business as usual."
- Duncan Keene, MD, ContentSquare

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Not with cigarettes and a questionable ponytail (as per a very interesting photo Duncan shared with us of his younger days), but rebel against wasted time.

Why is the basket to checkout drop so big? Why are your returning customers struggling to fill a form? The longer you take to answer these questions, the more money you’re leaving on the table. It’s all about the race to gain faster speed to insight.

What were Duncan's three tips for achieving this? 1. Democratisation of your data, 2. Prioritising faster and more accurately, and 3. Going beyond traditional analytics. 



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‘’In most organisations there is a desire to innovate but we recognise we’re not all tech companies or Amazon, but we simply have to realise armageddon is coming soon and now is the time to act”
Sam Barton, Head of UX, ShopDirect
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Data is great. But if we’re drowning in it, and can’t extract actionable insight at speed, then that data doesn’t mean anything.

Sam told us it’s critical for for teams to make decisions based on insight rather than gut instinct. It’s not enough to know what is happening. We need to start thinking about why.

Once you know the why, once you democratise your data, once you display it in a way that allows people who don’t come from a data or analytics background can understand - you’re laughing!

5. Tom Goodwin on "AMAZON AMNESIA".


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‘’The ultimate goal of buying is that it’s such a simple experience that you don’t remember it. The ultimate goal of shopping is such a delightful experience you want to tell your friends about it.”
Tom Goodwin, EVP Innovation, Zenith
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Tom has 3 copies of the same book in his apartment. Why? Because Amazon makes it so easy to buy.

Our industry is split between buying and shopping. Shopping is the experience, but we want to be optimising buying. 

Apple/Android Pay should be hardwired into every ecommerce website. Set up subscription services (the easiest way for someone to buy something is to make sure they don't have to). Limited choice architecture also makes the buying experience a lot simpler - give a handful of choices, not an overwhelming amount.

6. Ping pong, popcorn and a lot of prosecco.

There’s nothing like networking with a glass of prosecco in one hand and a ping pong bat in the other. Not a bad ice-breaker for the pending LinkedIn invitation!


We set out to have fun, and we had fun. Why bother taking half a day out of the office if you can’t go back with a smile on your face (and a slight wobble in your step)?
We like to think we’ve got this event thing down. So check out the videos from Future:Now London 2017, and sign up to be contacted about our upcoming events. From more informal networking events (wine tasting or rooftop curling) to industry-themed events (stay tuned for our travel and retail spin-offs next year) as well as Future:Now London 2018. 


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