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L’Occitane wins big by adapting online checkout to each country

L’Occitane is well known for capturing the essence of Provence in award-winning skincare and beauty products. A french “savoir-faire” that has conquered the world: the company currently operates in 30 countries with 50 websites

With operations in multiple countries, there’s a critical need to have a deep understanding of each market, not only in terms of product preferences, but also in terms of online navigation habits, as this can have a huge effect on conversion.

The Challenge

When the e-commerce team at l’Occitane compared their websites' performances and observed some major differences in conversion rates during checkout, they turned to ContentSquare to understand each country’s interactions with these pages and provide a country-adapted user experience.

The Method

By using an advanced UX Analytics solution, l’Occitane was able to access a new range of data that helped identify some major insights.

The Russian website is a good example:

  • Users were hesitating 13 seconds longer on the shipping page than the world average. The reason being that they were looking for a way to modify the billing address, a widespread practice among Russian users.
  • Russian users engage more with the assurance elements than peers with the call center contact being clicked 2.52 times more frequently. Despite this, the assurance bar containing important shipping and contact information was placed low on the page with only 30% of users scrolling far enough to view it.

The outcome

By understanding their international users motivations and frustrations, l’Occitane was able to perform very precise optimizations that led to an overall 15% increase in sales on mobile.

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