The French watch closely as US presidential race reaches climax

The French watch closely as US presidential race reaches climax

While USA citizens are voting today for their next President, people in France are watching with unprecedented interest. After having shown less care for the last Clinton/Trump debate, French people’s concern for the presidential outcome has been running high since the end of October, our study reveals.

ContentSquare, a specialist in smart data and web optimization, has been collecting data from some of France’s most popular online newspapers since August 2016, analyzing over 10 million users sessions.

The study reveals several interesting trends :

  • French people’s interest was focused around the first two Trump/Clinton debates, which saw a significant increase in readers the day before and after they took place.
  • From September to the end of October, readers progressively lost interest for the election topic, with the third debate being the least followed.
  • Since the end of October, readers’ interest greatly increased, with articles showing a peak at 3,5% reach rate at the approach of the election’s closing.
US elections ContentSquare

Evolution of the reach rate for articles about the US presidential election, since August 2016

It will be the middle of the night between November 8 and 9th in France, when we hear the first estimates about whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the 45th US president. With another election closely following, a little closer to home for the French public, news headlines will be all about France’s own presidential election to be held in April and May 2017. We’ll study this data and check how French people follow their own debates and political agenda.

Authored by: François Dejoie