EURO 2016 of Online Shopping: Spain Versus Italy

EURO 2016 of Online Shopping: Spain Versus Italy

In just a few hours, Spain and Italy will meet each other on the pitch. The long-standing rivalry will surely result in a heated match, but how do they match up when it comes to eCommerce?



It turns out that Italian shoppers often revisit a website before purchasing. To address this, retailers should be keen to add marketing automation and personalisation to their stack. It is also important to make sure that their cart is saved, so that when they return to the site they can complete their purchase.



Spain, on the other hand, showed lower conversion rates than the other European counterparts. This is large part because social proof is still highly regarded and much of payments are still done with cash.  Customer reviews and robust recommendations can help facilitate their purchase.


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Authored by: Kristine Ugalde

Communication Assistant