How this online bookmaker increased subscriptions by 12%

How this online bookmaker increased subscriptions by 12%

Online bookmaker sites are different than your traditional retail website because it is a heavily regulated industry that requires uploading user identification, resulting in a high barrier to completing registration forms. Yet, the success of online betting sites heavily rely on customer retention, which starts with a well-thought-out account creation experience.

The French bookmaker, PMU, looked to ContentSquare to increase account sign ups online. Although the PMU logo can be seen outside of thousands of tobacco shops and pubs around the country, PMU recognised the need to optimise their digital customer experience as well. In an industry where fractions of a second matter, PMU wanted to make sure that their users can sign up efficiently at any given moment.

ContentSquare performed a behavioural analysis of the online registration form by analysing the interactions within the form, including mouse movements, engagement, scroll reach, hover, and repeat clicks. The major takeaway was that users struggled to complete the form for two reasons:

  1. Users did not see the submit button below the fold
  2. Validation errors in the form

PMU used new generation UX indicators to capture user interactions and to lay the groundwork for optimising their registration form.

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 Photo by Axel Leclercq

Authored by: Kristine Ugalde

Communication Assistant