E-merchants: what will you be judged on in 2016

E-merchants: what will you be judged on in 2016

As is the custom at the beginning of every year, some experts provide key predictions about e-commerce trends. Digital, disruptive, mobile: not surprisingly, technological innovation still reigns supreme in 2016. However, customers have a very instrumental role in influencing the future of e-commerce.

Widen analysis to better understand users browsing paths

No secrets here- more and more data are being collected. On average, people have more than 150 mobile moments a day. Not only for getting answers about the weather or Twittersphere’s take on the last Star Wars, but also before making any purchase. In 2016, e-merchants must grab a huge amount of mobile moments. Although analytics tools give priceless insights into customers’ expectations, such information is a cheap currency for understanding what they look for and why they leave a website.

E-merchants have to identify online barriers that buyers would have otherwise understood in stores.  Picture this scene: a customer walks into his favorite store to buy an item he had already spot without finding it. With restocking at a stalemate, the salesperson is unable to deliver any details. As a result, the frustrated customer leaves from the store.

This situation might be transferred on the Internet. A user which does window-online shopping is looking for some reassurance elements. Don’t forget, web users can visit fashion websites up to 4 times before making a purchase! E-merchants must seize these opportunities to drive customers to fill their shopping cart in accordance with their personal tastes. Indeed, e-commerce websites are often cluttered and chaotic, leading customers to scrap their purchase.

In either experience, delivering a meaningful user experience by widening data access to marketers is within reach. Real-time analytics tools enable them to track mouse movements as well as in-page data enable them to prioritize optimization projects. The key point is: data must be easily deployed.

Personalize browsing paths to ensure users retention

Our behaviors are different throughout the day and it clearly impact our decisions. In our daily life, emotional processes should not be overlooked. The customer approach is an essential element in enhancing user experience. The hurried user will deserve as much attention as the early buyer. It may even be that an early buyer could be in a hurry close to Christmas shopping rush with little thought to prices.

Picking up on these nuances sharpens the vision of an optimized browsing path in order to deliver an intuitive navigation as well as essential and clear information on the delivery conditions. It cannot be stressed often enough: a good user segmentation based on each device, purchase and browsing behaviour is key to performing in 2016.


Authored by: Colette Alcaraz