Infographic : E-Commerce Tablet Barometer

Infographic : E-Commerce Tablet Barometer

As a specialist in E-Commerce and Web & mobile optimization, we have been interested in browsing and purchase behaviour on tablets in France. We provide today the results of our monthly Barometer’s first edition. Future editions will be dedicated to behaviours on mobile and desktop by sector.

This Barometer is aimed at understanding the online purchase’ customs and trends, by device, sector and country. The Barometer’s first edition, dedicated to tablets, reveals that French users’ purchase behaviour remain complicated on that device.

The first data of the « E-Commerce Tablet Barometer » have been obtained thanks to a Content Square’s research on 50 millions visits on tablet, on more than 100 French e-commerce leader websites. This multi-sectoral study was conducted from August 2013 to September 2014.

We used an in-depth methodology, analysing the following indicators: cursor movement, click rate, hover order, scrolling rate, average fold, conversion rate, screen size, the number of viewed pages, bounce rate, sales funnel, spent time, and the number of sessions.

Overall results : purchasing behaviours are still complicated on tablet. We are far from the legendary “one-click buying”.

-Buyers return 5 times on a website before ordering

-Buyers spend an average of 18 minutes on the website

-Buyers visit 30 pages on average

-During shopping sessions, buyers click on average 70 times on the website = they interact a lot with the content 



Authored by: Marine Hortemel

Head of Marketing & Communication