Christmas Celebration: French users push forward online purchases

Christmas Celebration: French users push forward online purchases

Purchasing online is not seen as a “catch-up” session anymore by French users. If they consider online shopping as a new standard practice, they also anticipate it. An anticipation that leads to a high turnover increase from November.

Indeed, the online buyer profile has evolved thanks to ongoing efforts made by e-merchants. By enhancing user experience and bringing new reinsurance elements, such as efficient deliveries, retailers have convinced users especially on mobile. If desktops remain the favourite way to purchase on the Internet, smartphones have become a real sales channel.

Users now anticipate their purchase from November

By starting their online window-shopping in November, French customers had been better organised in 2015 than in 2014: much more relaxed, they had spent 18% more time than last year for purchasing online. If their online time sessions were longer in 2014, revisits rate before purchasing decreased during the end-of-year celebrations. Although this period is a crucial time to e-merchants, Content Square noticed that turnover in November and December was more than twice as high as the other periods of the year. Compared to 2014, the conversion rate during the Christmas ‘celebrations grew by 25%.

To Jonathan Cherki, CEO of Content Square, behavioral changes can be considered as the result of a better understanding of customers’ expectations:

“With the vigorous rise in purchasing on tactile devices, users’ huge behavioral changes are irreversible– an observation that is consistent with the important efforts e-merchants made on enhancing user experience in the last few months”.

Mobile has become a real sales channel

According to Content Square’s research, the conversion rate during the Christmas ‘celebrations grew by 25% compared to 2014. Online purchase on mobile has gained ground even if desktops and tablet are still widely used in 2015.

Jonathan Cherki insists on this new habits:

“Spectacular potential for increasing purchase on mobile has been noticed in 2015: users not only use their smartphones to do their window-shopping but also to buy sooner as usual! That’s great news for retail!”


Authored by: Colette Alcaraz